20 Years – Past, Present, Future

Two decades have passed since we first opened the doors to Fish Tales Fly Shop in Calgary’s south. Since originally opening the doors, Fish Tales has moved once and renovated/expanded once. We’ve also had two kids, some good people join us for time behind the counter, fished some great water, and sold our share of gear.

One of the things that keeps us going in this crazy, competitive, ever-changing industry is knowing that we have something in common with pretty much everyone who walks through our front door.

We all love to fish.

For many of our customers, their time on the water offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind; an opportunity to unplug from the busy-ness that life is.

The shop has allowed us to be part of a fantastic community of angling enthusiasts of all walks of life. We get to hear – and share – fish tales every day. And we’re fortunate to say that many of our dearest friends are folks we’ve met through the store and angling community.

It’s with this sense of community that we have partnered with McLennan Fly Fishing and Jensen Fly Fishing to celebrate 20 years in business.

We invite you to join in this celebration on April 15 when we’re hosting “20 Years – Past, Present, Future” at the Cardel Theater in Quarry Park.

The event opens at 5:30 with a light supper from neighboring restaurant “The Park.” At 7 p.m. we’ll move into the theater for presentations on angling in Southern Alberta.

Jim McLennan one of the first guides on the Bow river, author, and columnist will be sharing a “History of the Bow.”

Dave and Amelia Jensen, publishers of the Alberta Fishing Guide and co-founders of Jensen Fly Fishing who also brought us “The Brown Trout Project” will follow Jim’s presentation with a look at the current state of the fishery around Southern Alberta – focusing beyond the banks of the Bow.

We’ll also touch on recent regulations changes, whirling disease, and some exciting possibilities that are in their infancy stages.

We hope this will be a time for us all to come together in a celebration of fly fishing.

We’re looking forward to it!

Tickets are $20 and are now available at the shop.

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