Terry Johnson – Guide


Terry’s been a key member of the Fish Tales team since 1999. He continues to work in the shop during the “off-season” and has been integral to developing the Cuba Flats Fishing business. His level-headedness, easy-going nature and constant sense of humor helps lighten the day Check out his employee profile for more information. How [...]

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Mike Venhuis – Guide


Mike loves being out on the water and his enthusiasm for fishing is infectious. He’s recently been bitten by the steelhead bug and had some great successes with two-handers. He’s also traveled and fished saltwater for tarpon, bonefish, and whatever else might swim by. He’s in the shop several times each week to pick up a [...]

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Douglas Pippus – Guide


Doug Pippus got into the guiding business because he loves teaching people about the Bow River fishery and to help fund the work he does for disadvantaged people in developing countries during the off-season. Doug is a hard-working, patient, calm, easy-going man. He is unassuming, kind, compassionate, attentive…. All of these are great traits for [...]

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John Roggensack – Guide


John is a fun-loving guy who loves being on the water. He’s managing to make a living from his two passions – music and fishing. John has recently become “somewhat obsessed” with saltwater fishing and large tarpon, bones, and “those damn permit.”

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