New in store…

New fishing season = new stuff…. We are pumped to be back in to the full swing of the fishing season. The shop is full of gear for all your fly fishing needs. Back in the shop and new to many is the Wulff series of fly lines. We carry three different series of Wulff [...]

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Kurtis’ Pike Kit


Taking the lead from SIMMS Fishing Products who did a series of ‘pro kits’ in the fall, we asked our staff for their kit bags for some of their favorite kinds of fishing. Kurtis spends many hours each year chasing northern pike around Southern Alberta. Here is  Kurts’ “Pike Kit” McCafe Coffee to start the [...]

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The “Go To” Box


                          Wayne Posyluzny writes: I recently had a chance to try a new fly box and am impressed with the value and design. The Go To box has a large deep bottom suitable for the big stuff; a swing leaf with double-sided slotted foam suitable for smaller stuff; and the foam on the lid is suitable for medium-sized flies. [...]

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Buff Headwear, SIMMS Sun Armor, Patagonia Sun Mask


It doesn’t matter which brand you go with just don’t go without! Not so many years ago sun protection wasn’t given much thought – if you’re 35 or over you likely remember peeling contests amongst siblings, cousins, or campmates during summer vacation. Now folks seem to be much more sun aware and there are lots [...]

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“Do It Yourself Bonefishing” by Rod Hamilton

It’s been a few years since a bonefishing technique book has popped up on the market. The newly released “Do It Yourself Bonefishing” by Rod Hamilton is a great read for any angler who likes chasing the ghost of the flats.\ Hamilton’s writing is easy-to-read and conversational with snippets of humour. The first section of [...]

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Clear Cure Dumbbell Eyes

I have started to use these “weightless” dumbbell eyes on many of my larger baitfish patterns for pike, lake trout, peacock bass, jacks, barracuda, etc. They work extremely well. Here are some benefits that I’ve found: Very easy to tie on (no messy glueing to get a large realistic eye) Give a great large eye [...]

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Product review: Patagonia Tropic Comfort Hoody II, Patagonia Sunstretch Shirt, SIMMS GT TriComp Shirt


Stuff.  It’s what makes up an aspect of our sport.  With more and more players getting into the fly fishing apparel business, us anglers have more and more choices to make.  However, if you’re like me and want to focus your fishing funds on gear and trips, you want to make your choices wisely.  Here [...]

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Customer review – Sage 7126-4 METHOD rod review

Sage METHOD 7126-4 Spey Rod Review by Scott Runciman (October 14, 2013) In the fly fishing world, we are constantly being told by media about “the next best thing,” the latest revolutionary clothing, tackle, flies or accessories that are going to make us more comfortable, increase our effectiveness, instantly improve our casting or just make [...]

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Airflo Welding Centre Video

Airflo Welding Centre from Fish Tales Fly Shop on Vimeo.

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Korkers KGB boot (Jeff Harrop)

“Korkers has gone to the darkside! The new IdroGrip sole by Vibram has lived up to expectations and made a good boot even better. While felt is still king of the “non-slip” world vibram soles are a close second and these boots are a pleasant surprise compared to previous versions. And if you choose the [...]

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