Fishing Report – August 11, 2017

HOPPERS are happening throughout much of the province’s southern waters. We’ve been hearing them along the river banks for a few weeks and fishing them with success for the last couple of weeks…. Our hopper drawer is seeing some action and some new favorite hopper patterns are emerging. Lots of folks fishing double fly rigs [...]

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Fishing Report – July 20

I know this is long overdue…. Hope folks have been getting out. Bow River: The Bow continues to produce. The fish are in great shape. Stonefly dries and nymphs, leeches, and assorted streamers are some of the flies of choice these days. Try fishing your double nymph rigs – leeches, stoneflies, SJW’s. Another proven method [...]

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Fishing Report – Canada Day weekend.


School’s out and we’re about to enjoy our first long weekend of summer 2017 and Canada’s 150th! Conditions are shaping up nicely across southern Alberta. The 5-day forecast for Calgary is looking pretty good – despite the potential for afternoon thunder showers – but all in all it looks like a great weekend to get [...]

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Fishing Report – June 15, 2017

We know folks are anticipating opening day for the Eastern slopes and anxious to get back to fishing the Bow. From all reports, conditions are about where they should be for this point in the season; rivers are running a little high and slightly off color, but dropping and clearing. The quality of upcoming fishing [...]

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Fishing Report – June 5, 2017

The Bow is high and dirty. This is a good thing and quite normal for this time of year. Admittedly it’s a little earlier than historically, but high water is an important part of our season. It helps flush the river from weed growth, moves debris, and triggers conditions for bugs to hatch. Since the [...]

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Fishing Report, May 12, 2017


Fishing options have opened up this week with the start of pike season. Pike fishing enthusiasts have been taking advantage of the warm temperatures and enjoying a great start to their season. Haul out the slightly heavier gear if you’re headed after these toothy critters to minimize stress and allow you to release the fish [...]

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Bow River Report May 5, 2017

stonefly drawer

Fishing on the Bow has been somewhat inconsistent lately…. Although midges are abundant, fish aren’t really keyed in to them. There has been some action on BWO’s in the latter part of the afternoon but you need patience, perseverance and a willingness to put in time to capitalize on dry fly opportunities. Streamer fishing has [...]

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Bow River Report – January 28, 2017

Bow River Report January 28, 2017 Good news for those who’ve had cabin fever lately.  The recent warm temperatures have given folks an opportunity to head to the river and try out that new Christmas gear or trusty old companion. Recent chinooks have brought temperatures consistently above 0 for the past few days and throughout [...]

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Fishing Forecast – September 29, 2016


With a myriad of colors along its edges and big, feisty fish beneath the surface, the Bow continues to beckon. We love this time of year on the river.  Stories of boatmen emergences earlier in the week and reports of the odd fish landed on dry BWO imitations make it challenging to focus on the [...]

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Fishing Forecast – September 8, 2016

Hard to believe the first week of September is already gone! Kids are back to school which may free up time for some. Take advantage of it if you can as there is some very good fishing to be had. Bow river fish continue to be in prime condition. Rainbows are fat and feisty and [...]

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