David Blair – Owner


David has fished almost since he could walk. He’s spent many hours on the banks of the Bow and has been fortunate enough to travel overseas where he’s fished for New Zealand’s elusive browns, Africa’s predatory tiger fish, Cook Islands LARGE bonefish, and whatever felt like eating along western Australia’s and Baja’s coasts. Dave’s Permit affliction has taken him from Cuba, to Key West, Belize, and the Yucatan. But he still loves casting dries to Bow River rainbows and browns.

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Nancy Storwick – Owner


Nancy is David’s partner in business and in life. She’s fished for tiger fish in the Zambezi River, tarpon and bonefish in Cuba, and Australia’s baramundi. Closer to home she enjoys streamer and dry fly fishing on the Bow River within minutes of home and work and loves fishing to Cutthroat trout in nearby smaller waters.

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Terry Johnson


Terry is head guide for Fish Tales and as such has developed a reputation as one of the hardest working guides on the Bow. He’s often seen hauling the boat back upstream so his client’s can have a second (or even third) chance to fish a run….

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Matthew Mikkelson


Matt has been a great addition since joining us in 2012. Matt has a bunch of angling experience and is a knowledgeable angler. More about Matthew How long have you been fishing? Probably since I was around 5 or 6 years old. How long have you been fly fishing? I started fly fishing around 13 [...]

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Riley Bilous

Here’s a quick intro to one of our more recent additions to the team….Riley Bilous. In the spring of 2014 Riley dropped a resume off at the shop. We did not hire him at that time so he found work elsewhere. In January of 2015, Riley volunteered to help us out during the annual Western [...]

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Andy Brown


Andy is another one of our valued part-time staff. He loves casting dries to rising snouts and fishing B.C. waters for steelhead. How long have you been fishing? Infrequent trips since I can remember How long have you been fly fishing? I have been fly fishing for the last 8 years. How did you get [...]

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